2008-2009 Second Year Conservatory Actors

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Nadia Santos was born in Portugal.  Her academic and artistic background includes obtaining a degree in Theater Studies at the Performing Arts School in Porto, the Erasmus Program (European exchange students’ program) in England, the Clown Course at École Philippe Gaulier in France, and the Thierry Salmon Project’s International Itinerant Course of Theatre Improvement in France, Italy and Portugal. She has worked for the National Theatre in Porto and Lisbon, and for the Teatro Aberto and Chapitô Companies in Lisbon. In 2006, she worked in Italy with director Carlo Cecchi. She has worked regularly on television series and soap operas, and her film debut was with director Joaquim Leitão. Nadia would like to thank the Calouste Gulbenkien Foundation for their scholarship, her family for their unconditional support and everyone at Michael Howard Studios for an incredible, exceptional year!
Julie Grenier has experienced growth in her craft as well as in life from participating in the One-Year Conservatory Program at Michael Howard Studios.  Prior to her studies here, she had a supporting role in the independent film Absent Father, did a day's background work on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and has enjoyed competing in National Dance Competitions across the country for five years.  Julie has big dreams and aspirations, and she is excited to be one step closer to them by performing here today. 
Lindsay Kabus is a native of Atlanta, GA.  She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film Studies. Recent credits include The Maderati and Trojan Women.  She is now a permanent resident of New York City and looks forward to continuing her career in the Big Apple.
Rachael Patten was raised in California, where she studied with UCLA's Performing Arts Institute and The Actor's Gang, and was a part of Dragon Productions Theatre Company for a year. Upon arriving in New York, Rachael studied at The Lee Strasberg Institute, then Larry Singer Studios, and finally found her way to the One-Year Conservatory at Michael Howard Studios. Credits include Let Me In (music video for The Avon Junkies), 12 Angry Women, Anais Nin Goes to Hell and North Shore Fish.
Josh Evans was born and raised in New York City and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Art from UNC Chapel Hill.  Some of his acting creditcs include The Maderati, The Last Night at Ballyhoo, La Turista and The Son of Arlecchino.  Josh would like to thank all the drama teachers as well as the Michael Howard Studios staff for their undying support over the past year.  He would like to dedicate this performance to his mother and father.
Abdel Gonzalez was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts and Psychology from Drew University in 2005 and also attended London’s British American Drama Academy in 2004. Abdel’s credits include work with Communicable Arts Theatre Company, Grandma’s Moustache, and Higher Ground, amongst others. He would like to thank Gabrielle Berberich and everyone at Michael Howard Studios for an amazing year and, of course, would like to give a shout-out to his family and friends for their unconditional love and support.
Molly Montgomery is a New York City-based actor. She studied the Meisner Technique in Chicago with Kathryn Gately and Richard Poole and attended Stella Adler upon moving to New York. She is a graduate of Michael Howard Studios’ One-Year Conservatory and currently studies with Karl Bury, Alex Neil and Deborah Kampmeier.
Hollis Fox recently graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, where she appeared in Waiting for Lefty, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Vanishing Marion. Upon graduation she moved to New York City to attend Michael Howard Studios’ One-Year Conservatory. She is thankful for the wonderful experience and knowledge garnered at Michael Howard Studios this year. It has truly been a life-changing time, and she would like to thank everyone for their creative and personal support. Mom, I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart).
Alex Levi-Gardes is a native of Washington, DC. Alex has tried his hand at different styles of entertainment, from writing, stand-up comedy, broadcasting, to improv, until finally deciding to study acting at the age of twenty-five. Alex spent one year at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and then enrolled at Michael Howard Studios’ One-Year Conservatory.