1. Scene Study & Workshops

  2. The Text and Scene Study Classes offer students a chance to learn, develop, and perfect their craft under the focused guidance of an instructor and in the presence of their peers.  Each of our teachers brings years of professional experience and study to these ongoing classes, which are enrolled on a month-to-month basis to conform to the busy life of the professional actor.  Admission to these classes is highly selective, and an interview with each prospective student is required before enrollment.  In some cases, an audition may be required as well.

  3. Surrounding our core teacher-mentors are brilliant specialists.  Three or four times a year, these immensely gifted and experienced trainers conduct workshops that concentrate on particular aspects of the actor's craft: voice, body, language, style, comedy, the classics - including Shakespeare, song, on-camera, and audition.  Together with the core text & scene study, the specialist workshops help our actors devise their own training program.  I invite you to join us. 

Scene Study


Michael Howard’s Master Class in Text and Scene Study is for the accomplished, professional actor who seeks the challenge of working with an experienced group of peers and one of the country’s most renowned acting coaches.  Michael is always eager to meet new students who are ready to take their work to the highest level of training.  CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED. 


Please email us to submit a headshot/resume for consideration.


                                                                                1:00PM - 6:00PM

                                                                                $345 per month



Polina’s work focuses on the powerful traditions of the Russian theatre while embracing newer theories of performance from Europe.  With students from all over the world, her world-renowned class provides a creative space for actors to grow and develop among a group of dedicated artists each of whom brings unique histories and skill sets to their work.


                                                                                    12:00PM - 3:00PM

                                                                                        $265 per month



Michael Colby Jones is excited to add this new professional scene study class to his voice and coaching  here at Michael Howard Studios. As a Registered Rodenburg Teacher (RRT), Michael employs a combination of specialized approaches unified by breath and presence to engage each individual artist’s creativity to personalize the text, and liberate character imperatives to drive the story. Teaching at top university conservatory programs including NYU Tisch and Ithaca College, Michael creates a warm and safe environment to encourage vulnerability and creative risk taking. Having worked in the full array of media - screen to contemporary stage to classical text - Michael brings his techniques to bear on a broad spectrum of material in class, making all accessible and full vested through simplicity. “Simple isn’t easy, but it’s true.”


                                                                                    7:00PM - 10:00PM

                                                                                        $265 per month

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Angela Pietropinto (Show Me A Hero, Welcome To The Dollhouse) is a working actor in all realms of the industry. Her scene study class is geared to give its participants a process that they can rely upon; a process rooted in astute text analysis and the ability to make bold choices - the selection of strong objectives, formidable obstacle, meaningful pre-lives, personalization, and varied actions. Angela is renowned for her hands on teaching style and is recommended by some of the top agencies and casting directors for her transformational work with the actor


3:00PM - 6:00PM

$265 per month


All payments are due in full before the first class of the month.  No prorating.


Gabrielle is a casting director, writer, and producer for film and television, as well as the owner of Michael Howard Studios.  She follows up her immensely popular Acting for Film & Television Workshop with this on-going Scene Study Class.  Through scene work and text analysis, this class will focus on the passionate pursuit of artistic growth and evolution of today’s actor in the American Theatre including stage, film, and television.  In addition, it will serve to assist actors in the craft of acting as a business.  Together, this class will have the occasion to draw from the insight and experience of industry guests, including working actors, directors, producers, agents, and managers.  CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED.


3:00PM - 6:30PM

$345 per month



*NEW* Beginning October 2019

Learn the foundation of the actor's craft developed by Sanford Meisner and Lee Strasberg and then refined

and deepened by Michael Howard. An opening group exercise exploring components of the craft will be

followed by discussion and then scene study. Development of complex and deeply honest characters will

be emphasized. As risk taking is always supported and encouraged, scenes in class are always considered

rehearsals, not performances. Howard is the founding Artistic Director of Axial Theatre (in its 20th

season), and has directed at theaters including New York Theatre Workshop, The Playwright’s Center,

Manhattan Theatre Club, as well as Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre.


3:00PM - 6:00PM


                        ADAM SWARTZ

Adam utilizes his experience and understanding as an actor and playwright to help actors actualize their artistic potential. His Scene Study class is crafted to nurture the full spectrum of abilities required for today’s actor. In scene work, he asks not only “What does the character want/need?” but also, “What does the actor need in order to fully commit, not only to the present moment, but also to the long-run of one’s career?” He believes the ultimate goal of acting is the ability to go beyond oneself into the unknown. His ongoing students learn practical tools to cultivate their own inner-strengths.


  7:00PM – 10:00PM

   $265 per month