Core scene study work and specialist workshops create our renowned One-Year, Two-Year, Summer, and Young Actor Conservatories.  These programs are designed to strengthen the actor’s instrument, inspire the imagination, and prepare the actor for a professional career.

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One and Two-Year

A program for actors committed to excellence in their craft and career.

September to June

5 days a week

9am to 2pm

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Our Conservatory is designed to give serious actors the tools they need to start a career in theatre, film, and television.  This program is constructed to enhance all elements of the actor’s instrument and craft.  Different disciplines are included to enable the actor to develop artistically and to grow as an individual, including voice and body work, on-camera audition skills, Shakespeare, and improvisation, amongst others.  Though the teachers have different backgrounds, they have in common the commitment and passion to help actors develop an acting method of their own and construct a life in the American Theatre - a life that will include the legitimate stage, film, and television.  Instruction includes classes focusing on artistic growth as well as lessons and strategies to help students learn how to navigate the business of acting. 

The year culminates with a full theatrical production and industry showcase.  Following the One-Year, students participating in the Two-Year Conservatory will be part of a mentorship program with industry professionals.  They will also be part of advanced classes, master intensives, and production, including stage and camera.  During this time, actors are free to audition and book professional work.

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One-Year Conservatory Application
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