Core scene study work and specialist workshops create our renowned One-Year, Two-Year, Summer, and Young Actor Conservatories.  These programs are designed to strengthen the actor’s instrument, inspire the imagination, and prepare the actor for a professional career.

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A six-week immersion dedicated to the actor’s craft.

June 24  - August 2

6 weeks

Monday Through Friday

9am - 5pm



Now accepting Applications.

Our Summer Conservatory features a rigorous curriculum for the serious actor.  What has become one of the most successful summer programs in the country is geared towards university students and professionals looking for an opportunity to work on their craft full-time.  Actors find the intensive immersion of the Summer Conservatory to be an exciting, life-changing experience.

With an emphasis on classes that develop the actor’s instrument, our program leads actors towards a deeper understanding, not only of their craft, but of themselves.  Our summer intensives include scene study, movement, voice, camera, Shakespeare, acting techniques, clown, improvisation, and the business of acting-all taught by the Michael Howard Studios’ preeminent faculty.

The invaluable training and intensive study allowed me to pursue the craft on a full-time basis. I was introduced to so many techniques for using my mind and body for expression that I was able to find what works best for me. Not only did I find focus, I learned that professional acting was what I wanted to do with my life.

-- Kerry Washington, co-star with Academy Award Winning Best Actor, Forest Whitaker, in “The Last King of Scotland”

Both the Summer and One-Year Conservatory at MHS changed my life without question.  Not only did they make me a better actress, they also made me a better person.

-- Annalaina Marks, “Made of Honor”, “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”

My work at the studio has been extremely crucial to my studies here at Northwestern.  Since being at Michael Howard, I have a better understanding of what I have to offer as an actor.

-- Molly Lyons, Northwestern University, class of 2011

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